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The Billy Meier Story: UFO’s and Prophecies from Outer Space

Billy_meierBilly Eduard Albert Meier  born February 3, 1937 is a citizen of Switzerland who claims to have had on-going contact with extra-terrestrial beings since he was 5 years old. Now at 70 years of age, Meier is still acknowledging these experiences and has released and shared a multitude of photographic and video evidence to support his claims, he has also provided metal samples, sound recordings and other physical evidence examined by various investigators.

Billy Claims to have had ongoing contact experiences with extra-terrestrial biological entities since he was a 5 year old boy. The idea that Billy had been contacted from an early age fits  quite well with other contact cases whereby individuals will claim to have had experiences with other beings from a very young stage of development. However, Billy’s case differs from other cases in the way that he has to date provided the most digital evidence for his claims.  Billy’s First ever photograph of an Extra-Terrestrial ship was in 1964 and he has since then not only provided incredible photographs but a wide array of video graphic evidence supporting his story.

Meier has, through his own contact experiences, brought forward information concerning a great array of topics with incredible precision that would otherwise require him to be a master model maker, filmmaker, photographer, videographer, metallurgist, electronics genius, sound recording engineer, topographer, map maker, knowledgeable in geography, ancient history, mining, agriculture and many other disciplines all of which would be done on a disability pension and with one single arm.

Considering the mere fact that our society has not been educated about the idea of life beyond our world, it would be reasonable and understandable to approach this story with disbelief and scepticism. There are however people who wish to accept Meier’s information as being factual and up to date but who will still refuse to acknowledge the very real possibility that this man is telling the truth about having on-going contact with extra-terrestrial beings.

Please keep in mind that we are sharing this story for educational purposes only and that we do not wish to instil or bestow any particular ideas or belief system to anyone. We are simply delivering information, what you will do with this information remains solely up to you.

Your beliefs are yours and yours only, choose wisely for they create your reality.


The Billy Meier Story: UFO’s and Prophecies from Outer Space – Official Trailer




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“It now seems quite clear that Earth is not the only inhabited planet. There is evidence that the bulk of the stars in the sky have planetary systems. Recent research concerning the origin of life on Earth suggests that the physical and chemical processes leading to the origin of life occur rapidly in the early history of the majority of planets within our Milky Way galaxy–perhaps as many as a million–are inhabited by technical civilizations in advance of our own. Interstellar space flight is far beyond our present technical capabilities, but there seems to be no fundamental physical objections to preclude, from our own vantage point, the possibility of its development by other civilizations.”

Carl Sagan, Ph.D. (Late Professor of Astronomy and Space Sciences, Cornell University)