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The Phoenix Lights – An Historic Event



On October 13th 1997, Residents of  Phoenix in Arizona  witnessed an enormous triangular ship that hovered motionless for 106 minutes and made no sound whilst ‘hovering’ above the densely populated city. Over 10,000 people claim to have witnessed this mysterious sighting  including various military and police personnel and even then governor Fife Symington who described the event as other worldly.


Since then, major grass roots effort have been carried out to explore, research and  bring out this valuable information to the general public and the world.


Producers Lynne D. Kitei, M.D. and Steve Lantz present their Internationally award-winning film, an in-depth examination of the mile-wide, V-shaped light formations and craft witnessed by thousands of people in Phoenix and throughout Arizona on March 13th 1997. UFO buffs call it “the most documented unexplained mass sighting ever recorded.”



Dr Lynne D. Kitei who was one of the key witnesses of the event has since then pushed aside her successful medical career as an acclaimed physician and health educator  to pursue the Phoenix Lights Book and internationally award-winning documentary project.



DVD_cover_phoenix lights


To support the Phoenix Lights Documentary and project, please visit their website and start your journey of exploration into the most witnessed and talked about sightings of our modern era.


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“It now seems quite clear that Earth is not the only inhabited planet. There is evidence that the bulk of the stars in the sky have planetary systems. Recent research concerning the origin of life on Earth suggests that the physical and chemical processes leading to the origin of life occur rapidly in the early history of the majority of planets within our Milky Way galaxy–perhaps as many as a million–are inhabited by technical civilizations in advance of our own. Interstellar space flight is far beyond our present technical capabilities, but there seems to be no fundamental physical objections to preclude, from our own vantage point, the possibility of its development by other civilizations.”

Carl Sagan, Ph.D. (Late Professor of Astronomy and Space Sciences, Cornell University)