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Elizabeth Klarer – Beyond the Light Barrier

beyond the light barrier
Elizabeth Klarer (1910 – February, 1994) was a South African woman who claimed to have been contacted by extraterrestrials between 1954 and 1963. She was one of the first women to claim a sexual relationship with an extra-terrestrial.
Discover and learn more about this incredible story by downloading her autobiography here: -Beyond the Light Barrier - Elizabeth Klarer ~ (177 downloads)


The UFO Witness Declaration

FACT: From 1982 to 1985, large triangular and boomerang-shaped UFOs were reported over the Hudson Valley by over 7,000 credible witnesses, including police and officials at the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant.

FACT: In 1989 and 1990, large triangular and rectangular unidentified flying objects, one the size of an aircraft carrier, were reported over Belgium by over 2,000 witnesses, including police and military personnel.

FACT: In 1997, multiple sightings of a mile long boomerang-shaped UFO were reported over the state of Arizona by over 10,000 witnesses, including police, military personnel and Republican Governor Fife Symington.

We make no claims as to the nature or origin of these UFOs. However, those who have taken the time and effort to conduct serious, in-depth investigations into these reports know that these sightings are of real, physical crafts and are indisputable FACTS.

Thousands of such sightings of physical crafts of unknown origin have been reported throughout the world for decades by credible witnesses, yet most who report such sightings are treated with ridicule, disbelief, scorn and even threats.

In light of the facts, we who have witnessed such unexplained crafts no longer accept this cynical mindset as realistic or credible.

Those of us who are witnesses to the UFO phenomenon know they exist for a fact. This is not an issue of speculation for such witnesses. However, we do not insist that non-witnesses must believe such objects exist, only that witnesses be treated with respect and that we deserve the same fairness and courtesy afforded to any individual or group who honestly expresses their point of view without fear of ridicule, punishment or persecution.

Recent polls clearly demonstrate that more than 50% of Americans believe that UFOs are a real phenomenon that deserves legitimate recognition and serious study by open-minded, qualified scientists, rather than being summarily dismissed as misperceptions, fantasies, hoaxes or hallucinations by cynical, unqualified debunkers. Over 36 million Americans have seen a UFO.

To put this statistic in political terms, these witnesses are also voters.

Therefore, we urge all who agree with the spirit of this declaration to send copies of this letter to their representatives, public officials, the media, the police, the military, airline officials, NASA and all candidates running for any public office to assure them that our votes will go only to those who acknowledge the UFO phenomenon as real and deserving of serious scientific investigation and who publicly endorse fairness and respect toward any witness who reports a UFO.


Download The UFO witness declaration HERE: -The UFO Witness Declaration ~ (22 downloads)

Love or Fear?


For most people the question of whether or not we are alone in the universe is a matter of mere philosophical musing, something of academic interest but of no practical importance. However when one ponders on this particular idea and starts appreciating the reality attached to it, we tend to be overwhelmed by this subtle yet powerful sense of fear.


We would like to reassure you that it is most natural for you to feel intimidated, at least in the slightest sense. For even if the exercise of the minimalist amount of logic argues in favour of the obvious existence of life beyond the horizon, we as human beings have mainly engaged with the topic through Hollywood science fiction movies, whereby 90% of the time the context is war and this has unfortunately conditioned our mind to varying degrees.  Are they here to destroy us?  Well there are two premises from which logical and positive conclusions may be drawn.


If we take a look at the history of humanity since the beginning of our conscious evolution, we haven’t been doing all too well in the eyes of love, peace and equality. As we can observe in recent history, the powerful capitalistic systems have been geared towards blinding those in the pursuit of commercial comfort from the horrid realities occurring to the majority of society. Whilst we do not wish to bestow responsibility on anyone other than Earth inhabitants, the likelihood rests on the probability that we  progress due to extra-terrestrial contact, rather than cause further harm to our currently limited collective society. This being said, it is important to remember that as human beings we have the necessary capacity and maturity to overcome the greatest challenges in time for this planet.


A modest amount of critical thinking will reveal that if extra-terrestrial biological entities were here to take-over, they would not be introducing their presence in the slow and cautious manner we have observed so far, by simply allowing more and more sightings to be witnessed every year. On top of which these sentient beings would probably not wait for the Earth to achieve nuclear capabilities and technological empowerment. To be blunt they would have simply destroyed us a while ago.


The reason for writing this article rests in the notion we would like to share, that of the awakening humanity is experiencing at this present moment. The primary purpose for contact with extra-terrestrial civilisations lies in self-enlightenment, from both sides. An educated assumption we can make is that they operate on higher frequencies and are beings of higher consciousness. It can therefore be said that thanks to the party ‘with the bigger picture’, the evolution of the union between all inter-galactic civilisations will progress at a rate that is comfortable for each and every one of us.


Each and every time we allow our civilisation to communicate with theirs in any way, shape or form, it allows all parties the opportunity to experience, through each and every one of us, a different view of the infinite, enabling the expansion of our understanding and all the different ways creation can express itself.


So don’t worry, be happy.



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J Allen Hynek

 Dubbed “The Galileo of Ufology “by Newsweek magazine (November 1977), Dr J. Allen Hynek was considered by his colleagues to be the preeminent authority of UFO phenomena. Hynek became involve with UFOs as scientific consultant to the US Air force from 1948 to 1968.

He was the first speaker to present testimony at the 1968 hearing on UFOs held by the House Committee on Science and Astronautics and later appeared before the United Nations to support the proposed establishment of an agency to conduct and coordinate research into UFOs and related phenomena.

In the early 1970s, Hynek coined the phrase “Close encounters of the third kind,” and acted as technical advisor to director Steven Spielberg on the movie of the same name.

Hynek founded CUFOS (The centre for UFO studies) in 1973 and served as its director until his death in 1986.

For more than twenty year DR Hynek served as astronomical consultant to the US Air force projects sign and blue book, which processed and studied UFO sightings reported to Air force bases. He came to North-western University in 1960 from position as associate director of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he was in charge pf the US Optical satellite tracking program. He was responsible for the precise tracking of man’s first artificial satellite, as well as for some 270 volunteer “Moonwatch” stations in various countries.

A Native of Chicago, Hynek has had many illustrious posts in his scientific career. After receiving his doctorate in astronomy from the university of Chicago, he was in turn : Professor of astronomy and director of the McMillin Observatory at Ohio State University; supervisor of technical reports at the Applied Physic Laboratory of the Johns Hopkins university during World War 2; assistant dean of the graduate School of Ohio State and professor of astronomy after the war; and lecturer in astronomy at Harvard during the four years he was associate director of the Smithsonian’s observatory in Cambridge; after which he joined North-western University as chairman of the department of astronomy and director of the Dearborn Observatory, posts he held for fifteen years. During his tenure he was instrumental in the founding of the Lindheimer Astronomical Research Centre and served as its first director.

Dr Hynek has published numerous technical papers in astrophysics and is the author of several textbooks. He is also the author of “The UFO experience. “ A scientific enquiry (1972) “, the hynek report of UFOs (1977) “and co-author (with Jacques Vallee) of the “edge of reality (1975)





In an interview for fate magazine (June 1976 issue), Hynek stated his position of the UFO phenomenon as follows:

The conclusion I’ve come to after all these years is that first of all, the subject is much more complex than any of us imagined. It has paranormal aspects but certainly it has very real physical aspects, too.

The attitude we’re taking in the centre for UFO Studies is that since were going to have scientists involved, we will push the physical approach as hard and far as we can – instrumentation, Physical evidence, photographs, radar records. If we are finally forced by the evidence itself to go into the paranormal, then we will.
And in another interview, he expressed these views (from lumieres dan la Nuit, issue No. 168 of October 1977):

{The extra-terrestrial} Theory runs up against a very big difficulty, namely that we are seeing too many UFOs. The earth is only a spot of dust in the Universe. Why should it be honoured with so many visits?

Interview: Then what is your hypothesis?

Hynek: I am more inclined to think in term of something Metaterrestrial , a sort of parallel reality.

Interviewer: And what then is your personal conviction?

Hynek: I have the impression that the UFOs are announcing a change that is coming soon in our scientific paradigms. I am very much afraid that UFO is related to certain psychic phenomena. And if I say “I am very much afraid”, this is because at our Centre at Evanston we are trying to study this problem from the angle of the physical sciences.
… But it would be absurd to follow up only one path to the exclusion of all other.

This theory was repeated again, when Hynek was interviewed by Newsweek: UFOs, he says, may be a psychic phenomenon and the “aliens” may not come from outer space but from a “parallel reality” (November 21, 1977).
In yet another interview (for the 3, April 1978 issue of today’s student), Hynek added that:

Certainly the phenomenon has psychic aspects. I don’t talk about them very much because to a general audience the words “psychic” and “occult” have bad overtones. They say, “Aw, it’s all crazy”. But the fact is that there are psychic things; for instance, UFOs seem to materialize and dematerialize. There are people who’ve claimed to have developed psychic ability. There have been reported cases of hearing in close encounters and there have been reported cases of precognition, where people had foreknowledge or forewarning that they were going to see something.

There has been a change of outlooks, a change of philosophy of person’s lives. Now, you see, those are rather tricky things to talk about openly, but it’s there.

Many people, like Jacques Vallee and I, to some extent, feel that it might be a conditioning process.

Pflock Carl

A former US deputy assistant secretary of defence, CIA intelligence officer, and senior congressional aide, Karl Pflock is now a writer, consultant, and UFO researcher.His articles on UFOs have appeared in such journals as “Omni”, “Fortean times”, the “International UFO reporter”, the “Anomalist”, “Fate”, the “MUFON UFO Journal”, “Cuadernos de ufologia” (spain), and the “MLTFON 1995 International UFO symposium proceedings”. A popular speaker, he was named 1998UFOlogist of the year by the national UFO conference.His interests in UFO is virtually lifelong, stemming from a crash saucer story he overheard at the age of five or six and a multiple witness sightings in which he was involved in the early 1950s.
In the late 1960s, he was the first chairman of the National Capital Area (Investigative) Subcommittee of the national investigations committee on Arial Phenomenon (NICAP).
He has carried out independent research on UFO-occupant sightings and contacts and allegations of UFO-Connected animal mutilations, but is best known in contemporary Ufology for his controversial work on the Roswell incident.

His “Roswell in perspective” was published by the Fund for UFO research in 1994, and an even more definitive work, “Roswell: Inconvenient Facts and the will to believe”, was published by Prometheus books in 2001. He is also collaborating with James W. Moseley, editor of the newsletter “saucer smear” , “on shockingly close to the truth”! Moseley’s Ufological memoirs.




“UFOs are real – That is, as yet unexplained phenomena.
Moreover, many solid unknowns involving reports of strange craft and sometimes living creatures and/or physical evidence leave us with but two choices, hoax or real essentially as reported, while some admit of a psychological explanation as well. In these instances, if what occurred was real and reasonably accurately reported, they must have been encounters with products of non-human intelligence and, in some cases, the intelligences themselves.

Based on the data, I’m subjectively certain we have been visited by non-human intelligent beings – to my “50s conditioned mind”, most likely from and extra-solar planet of our galaxy.
However we do not yet have “proof” of this – as opposed to very strong evidence pointing to it – though such proof very well may be in the data already in hand, as yet unrecognized as such.
I use the past tense advisedly. If I am correct that some sightings were observations of such visitors and their vehicles, I suspect they were here and left some time ago – arriving early in the mid-1940s, departing in the late 1960s or early 1970s.

They came here because Sol and his planets seemed cosily familiar. They studied our entire system and us quite closely. Once in a while a couple of grad students got out of hand and buzzed the natives. On occasion some ambitious scientists overstepped a bit and interfered with the locals – the famous and likely real 1961 abduction of Barney and Betty hill comes to mind. Then they left, leaving us wondering, dreaming, and hoping.”

Scott Corrales



Scott Corrales is a writer and translator of UFO and paranormal subject’s dealing with Latin America and Spain.
His work has appeared in magazines in the US, UK, Japan, Spain and Italy. Corrales is also the author of Chupacabras and Other Mysteries (Greenleaf, 1997), Flashpoint: High strangeness in Puerto Rico (Amarna, 1998) and Forbidden Mexico (1999). He lives in Pennsylvania, where he edits Inexplicata: The journal of Hispanic UFOLOGY.

 Scott Corrales




The UFO phenomenon is undoubtedly real and represents one of humanity’s greatest concerns, yet one that is has steadily chosen to ignore over the years, largely out of complacency.
In my opinion, the UFO phenomenon is interdimensional in origin, with “interdimensional” being understood as another level or plane of existence coequal to our own that serves as the home base of the UFO phenomenon and perhaps many others.
Whether the UFO and its attendant phenomena manifest in our own reality by chance or design cannot be ascertained, but the sheer number of sightings and encounters with nonhuman entities leads me to think that their visits have always been deliberate.
Curiously enough, humanity has always been in contact with these entities, which appear under a number of names and identities, but has only recently come to identify them as “UFO occupants” “aliens” “ultra-terrestrials” etc.
General awareness of this fact would perhaps serve to heal the breach between the spiritual and the physical that has always existed in western society, particularly since the rise of scientism” -Scott Corrales

The Fermi Paradox

enrico fermiEnrico Fermi was an Italian-American physicist, best known for his work on Chicago Pile-1, which was the first nuclear reactor constructed, and for his contributions to the development of quantum theory, nuclear power, particle physics and statistical mechanics.

Fermi’s paradox is the apparent contradiction between the high estimates of the probability supporting the existence of extra-terrestrial civilizations on the one hand, and humanity’s lack of pursuit for the serious gathering of evidence or intention to make contact, on the other.

The Fermi paradox originated when Enrico was once asked about life on other planets and famously replied “Where are they?” Any civilization advanced enough to undertake interstellar travel would, he argued, in a brief period of cosmic time, populate its entire galaxy. Yet, we haven’t made any contact with such life, hence becoming a paradox.


The basic points of the arguments are as follows:

The Sun is a typical star, and relatively young. There are billions of stars in the galaxy that are billions of years older.

Almost definitely, some of these stars will have Earth-like planets. Assuming the Earth is typical, some of these planets may develop intelligent life.

Some of these civilizations may develop interstellar travel, a technology Earth is investigating only now or has yet to discover.

Even at the slow pace of currently envisioned interstellar travel, the galaxy can be completely colonized in a few tens of millions of years.


The assumption that one knows how fast the universe is expanding.

The assumption that technology leads to sustainability for certain civilizations throughout all time and space.

The assumption that they haven’t consciously decided to not contact certain planets for deeming them simply not ready.


UFO researchers note that the Fermi Paradox arose within the context of a wave of UFO reports, yet Fermi, Teller, York and Konopinski apparently dismissed the possibility that flying saucers might be extraterrestrial, despite contemporary US Air Force investigations having judged a small portion of UFO reports as inexplicable by contemporary technology.

Mainstream scientific publications have occasionally addressed the possibility of extraterrestrial contact, but the scientific community in general has given little serious attention to claims of unidentified flying objects or to the extraterrestrial hypothesis.

Given that UFO investigators argue compelling evidence supports the reality of UFOs as anomalies, but that extant UFO evidence does not support an extraterrestrial origin, it is suggested that closer examination of UFO data may support or falsify the Fermi paradox and/or the extraterrestrial hypothesis of UFO origins.  Any refusal of interest by mainstream scientists in their investigations of the UFO phenomenon, to use an extraterrestrial intelligence concept as one working hypothesis, should surely be astonishing.

The response that it is theoretically possible for SETI groups to not report positive detections, or for governments to block extraterrestrial signals or suppress publication of detections might be attributed to National Security and Trade Interests from the potential use of advanced extraterrestrial technology or weapons.  It has been suggested that the detection of an extraterrestrial radio signal or technology could well be the most highly classified military information that exists.

Taking into account that dealing with the possibility of an extra-terrestrial presence would not only contradict religious and cultural beliefs but would most certainly shatter every existing paradigm on this planet. This results in the logical deprivation of such valuable information by any corporate and military body, ‘for the sake of the economy’.

Realizing that beings from far away galaxy’s would certainly not travel to this corner of our milky-way with jet engines and fossil fuel, it would be expected that they would have developed  sustainable forms of propulsion and energy systems that would grant them access to inter-stellar travel. Complete appreciation of what this means for the people of this planet is beyond our present awareness. Eradicating the need to destroy our planet to get our daily dose of energy would by definition also mean the eradication of the multi-trillion dollar business that is oil, gas and coal.

We are now in the year 2014 and the evidence for the extra-terrestrial hypothesis continues to pile up, not only are sightings increasing in size and numbers, but professionally analyzed digital evidence, whistle blowing reports, congressional hearings, and not to forget official declassified government documentation are all emerging at a rapid rate and are clearly painting an unquestionable picture.

Most people would expect the great news of life beyond earth to conclusively come to them from a president in a suit, sitting behind a desk and revealing that “yes”, we are not alone in this great and expansive universe and that we are being engaged as a culture by people not of this earth. Probabilities are that this notion is far from the truth.

Randle Kevin

 Born in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Kevin Randle received his undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa and has done graduate work at the University of Iowa, California Coast University and the American military university. He has earned a Master’s Degree and Doctorate in psychology and a master of military science.

Randle is a former US Army Helicopter pilot who served in Vietnam, and a former air force intelligence officer who rose to the rank of captain. He was at one time a field investigator for APRO, and a special investigator of the J-Allen Hynek Centre for UFO Studies.

He has published more than fifty magazine articles, and more than a dozen books about UFOs. His 1991 book, UFO Crash at Roswell was made into the Showtime original film “Roswell. His work on alien abductions, along with that of Russell Estes and Dr William P. Cone, has suggested important new information on the topic. In addition, Randle has written more than eighty novels including several science fiction books (His pseudonyms include: Eric Helm, Cat Brannigan, James Butler Bonham, and B.R Strong.)

kevin randle

“I believe that we have been visited by extra-terrestrial creatures. I base that conclusion on my research into the Roswell UFO crash, my interviews with the men and women involved on that case, and the limited documentation available.

That said, I must add that I believe that the visitations have been extremely rare. Most of the information circling the UFO field today has little factual base. Many of the subsets of Ufology, crop circles, cattle mutilation, MJ-12, The Allende Letters, and half a dozen other areas, have little or no legitimate basis. They are made of hoaxes, lies, misidentifications, fabrications, and anonymous and useless documents. By eliminating these, we begin to see the real picture.

One subject of the UFO field, alien abductions, is extremely dangerous. Although I don’t believe that alien abduction is real, I do believe that those claiming the abduction are sincere people who truly believe what they say. The answer to the problem does not lie with alien spacecraft, but with the researchers, therapists, and investigators, as well as human psychology.We can answer all the questions without the need of alien intervention.
The bottom line is that I accept little of what has been said in the UFO field. Although I now believe that we have been visited, that does not require me to accept all of the ancillary areas of UFO research. Once we reduce the noise, we will find the answers.”

“It now seems quite clear that Earth is not the only inhabited planet. There is evidence that the bulk of the stars in the sky have planetary systems. Recent research concerning the origin of life on Earth suggests that the physical and chemical processes leading to the origin of life occur rapidly in the early history of the majority of planets within our Milky Way galaxy–perhaps as many as a million–are inhabited by technical civilizations in advance of our own. Interstellar space flight is far beyond our present technical capabilities, but there seems to be no fundamental physical objections to preclude, from our own vantage point, the possibility of its development by other civilizations.”

Carl Sagan, Ph.D. (Late Professor of Astronomy and Space Sciences, Cornell University)